Immersive Design

Design, Direction & Production of some truly unique experiences, all created to inspire the next generation of creators.
Engaging in the real world
It's no joke that I've been involved in some truly amazing real world experiences, beginning in the early days of the rave scene as a lighting tech, to creating an immersive art and film night at Rock Island known as Red Reel, all the way to building my own immersive gaming events. I am the proud father of the only known pinball tournament in a haunted house, "Horrorhouse Fest - Pinball Tournament of Death", spanning ten years of custom buildouts in barcades, official pinball showcases, and comic book stores for one, to multiple days of live entertainment, featuring multiple rooms, dozens of actors & immersion around every corner.

I have concepted, assembled an ever evolving cast and crew, and executed the full build-out of such said events... on budget and more importantly... on time. The finer details, such as developing sequenced programs that bring together visuals, lighting, and thrills have been a joy for me, and watching as people interact with what I've assembled is one of the greatest joys in life.

On top of my own events, I've helped co-host numerous shows, helped in the execution of themed events for places such as the Denver Pavilions, and been invited as a speaker for numerous outings.
Artcade 2022
Game Designer, Immersive Designer, Denver
Dec 2021 — Feb 2022
Hauntcade Yearly Event
Director, Programmer, Sound Design, Animatronics, Casting, Development
Oct 2014 — Current