Music Production

Hundreds of songs. Sound design. Custom commercial scores. All for the joy of the ears to those who listen!
Music for the masses...
Leading the production of music compositions and creating sounds for interactive content is one of the sharpest tools in my belt. With numerous years of experience performing in various bands, some of which have been on the national podium, my thirst for capturing those sounds to final physical mediums inspired my drive to take on the role of mixing and production. With literally dozens of full length albums under my belt, a few of which have spawned awards from Westword, SXSW & the once prestegious CMJ charts, this skill will always be one I will gladly pull out to help my content building partners develop a soundtrack to accompany those visuals.

With sync licensing coming from sources such as GQ magazine and The North Face, the music I've produced and co-produced with legends such as Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Kramer has echoed throughout various influential sources such as Landmark Theatres, Urban Outfitters, Paste, Vice Magazine, KEXP and others, ultimately having exposure to millions of music fans internationally.

Sound design is another key element of my audio tookit, where I have handled the final SFX and sweetening on games and websites for Adam Sandler, SIA, Oakley, The North Face, Audi & the Red Rocks Visitor Center in my many years working in the advertising arena.
Album Production / Co-Production Highlights
Producer, Engineer, Mastering, Writer
January 2001 — Current
Music Compositions Appeared on...
Artist Managment, Sync Licensing, Featured Promotions
January 2001 — Current
A Shoreline Dream
Vocalist, Guitarist, Electronic Instruments, Producer, Engineer
March 2005 — Current
Latenight Weeknight Records
Producer, Label Management
January 2007 — Current
The Parallel Light
Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer
January 2009 — March 2012
Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer
March 2012 — May 2019